Micah Lidberg at Lacoste L!ve

by herocrane

If it involves illustration I’m all about it. Lately retailers seem to be all about it too as the trend is running the fashion gauntlet with varying degrees of success. As an illustration aficionado myself It bugs me when I see retailers trying to cash in on an artists inherent hipness without really repping the their true vibe. They usually end up making otherwise really cool artists look all cheese ball (Johnny Ryan at H&M comes to mind.)… more on this subject later.


Aaaaanyway i digress, the point being that’s why I was extra excited (I guess that would be ecstatic) to see Micah Lidberg’s paterns for Lacoste. They found a way to keep the artists weirdness intact while making some pretty interesting prints. Its all part of “LACOSTE L!VE” the brands program of working with artists to create limited lines. Don’t bother looking for images on their site though. While they posted a generic interview with the artist inexplicably they neglected to post any images of the clothes or the artists work. Instead you can see a preview of the prints on the very cool stylebubble and Micah Lidberg’s work at http://www.micahlidberg.com