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Consistently Inconsistent

hero crane’s first Rolling Stone cover

This Hero Crane Bottle Tab Top is made out of an old fishing net found just north of Zuma

and bottle tabs recycled off the streets of Los Angeles, hand woven together by JHY.

Kid Rock in Hero Crane

sold to a little piggy on sunset for coin.


Hero Crane O Neck T stretching by Lindsey Lohan


the super flexible Hero Crane O Neck T.

would you like one?     SHOP HERE

9GOATS BLACK OUT in Hero Crane

We love when our fans wear Hero Crane in unique ways! Hati the bassist of 9GOATS BLACK OUT looks amazing in our swing top.

Keiko an Hati came to visit the studio in Silver Lake last summer. nice people. keep an eye open for them in the neighborhood in 2013.

In case you’re a little rusty on your Japanese Rock, 9GOATS BLACK OUT is an awesome Glam rock  band from Japan. Besides some serious Bowie meets Poisen Hair Metal  style they are extremely talented musicians. Ryo the lead singer has an amazing voice and belts out the power ballads with the best of them! Seriously do yourself  a favor and check them out before it’s to late…




















Lindsey Lohan Spotted in Hero Crane


Lindsey spotted in NY wearing our Classic Swing Top!

Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Here’s a little behind the scenes on our two most recent shoots. These where for Mizo’s editorial ( you can see the results of that shoot in a previous post) and our fall look book. They where done in our back yard and in our studio respectively. We made the installations for the editorial shoot ourselves out of material we had handy. Just goes to show you don’t a super fancy location or props to make the magic happen, just some good old fashioned creativity. Of course having incredible photographers like Mizo doing the hard part and an amazing model dont hurt either!






























Hero Crane Coming to Unique LA May 12 & 13

Look for our booth at Unique LA  a two-day Made In The USA extravaganza May 12 & 13. We’ll have sample sale and specially priced items including unique one-of-a-kind pieces, textiles and more! Unique LA is the largest (and best) independent design show in the country. stacked with over 325 amazing artists and designers showcasing their handmade wares in addition to all the great events they have planned.  Hope  to see you there too!

Unique LA Flyer

Where: The California Market Center (110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079)

Cost: $10 at the door, buy online for extra perks (Kids 12 and under are free), 10% of all ticket sales go to the local non-profit organization CicLAvia.

Studio Open fo Business

Our studio is now open regular hours for retail! You can see our exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, samples and selected styles from the line. 11-5 Tuesday-through Sunday.  Next time you’re in Silver Lake stop by and say hello!

4o15 Sunset Blvd.  90029

Micah Lidberg at Lacoste L!ve

If it involves illustration I’m all about it. Lately retailers seem to be all about it too as the trend is running the fashion gauntlet with varying degrees of success. As an illustration aficionado myself It bugs me when I see retailers trying to cash in on an artists inherent hipness without really repping the their true vibe. They usually end up making otherwise really cool artists look all cheese ball (Johnny Ryan at H&M comes to mind.)… more on this subject later.


Aaaaanyway i digress, the point being that’s why I was extra excited (I guess that would be ecstatic) to see Micah Lidberg’s paterns for Lacoste. They found a way to keep the artists weirdness intact while making some pretty interesting prints. Its all part of “LACOSTE L!VE” the brands program of working with artists to create limited lines. Don’t bother looking for images on their site though. While they posted a generic interview with the artist inexplicably they neglected to post any images of the clothes or the artists work. Instead you can see a preview of the prints on the very cool stylebubble and Micah Lidberg’s work at http://www.micahlidberg.com

Mizo Photo Shoot

What can we say these guys are just cool!  Zoren Gold and Minori  who make up the photography team  MI-ZO  create surreal fairy tale imagery that is steamy and dreamy! We where thrilled to get the chance to collaborate with them for a recent editorial photo shoot. We supplied the clothes and created some backdrops and they worked their magic with the camera. their work is just amazing! Check out their site at www.mi-zo.com